Friday, June 26, 2015

Trip to Utah and Leah's Wedding

Mid June we went out to Utah for my little sister, Leah's wedding. Her and Dax are a super cute couple and their wedding was beautiful. They were sealed in the Ogden Temple, which ss really pretty.  They just finished doing extensive renovations inside and out and it was beautiful.  It was also the first time in 10 years, and only the second time ever that our entire family (my parents and six kids) has been in the temple all together! The first time was doing baptisms when my youngest brother Josh turned 12.  It was such a wonderful feeling to be there all together again 10 years later with spouses, and lots of our closest friends and family for Leah and Dax's wedding.
The cute couple


Their reception was in my parent's backyard.  All us married girls were totally jealous. My mom and dad and sister Becky have been planning out a re-doing different sections of the yard, and all their hard work totally paid off.  Everything looked amazing!

My brother, Josh even mowed their names into the lawn :)


All lit up at night

Their photographer was super fabulous and she did all kinds of family pictures for us :)

The whole familia

Just the siblings
Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids

Just us

I asked her to snap a few quickies of the kids, and they turned out so cute :)

My gems

Some of my favorites from the reception:

Em and Aunt Becky

Where there are jellybeans, there you will find these kids.

So sweet
Lauren "caught" the bouquet 

 Trashin' the car

Aunt Tabitha and Spencey

Congratulations Dax and Leah!!
It was such a beautiful, perfect day.

The day after the wedding my parents took us to the new aquarium in Draper.  It was totally awesome. The girls loved it!

The second half of the week we met up with all of Ryan's family at Jeremy Ranch.  They all have time shares up there and go up for a week every year.  We happened to be there on the right week! It was a ton of fun hanging out with everyone, going to the zoo, and of course the pool.

Ryan's grandpa holding his great grandbabies, Spencer and Maddox
On Saturday we got back together with my family for my niece's baptism. We were all in town for the wedding so we were so glad to get to be a part of Jacqui's baptism as well.
It was a jam packed week, but such an amazing vacation, spending lots of time with both families and getting to be a part of some very special events.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Garden in Full Bloom

I really love gardening and yard work.  It is my happy place.  We've put in a lot of work this spring and we got our drip system in and everything is thriving!  It makes me so happy to see everything doing so well.

Our gladiolus in full bloom

Our squash and cucumbers

All our plants! Green beans, watermelon, carrots, peppers, and tomatoes

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Big Boy

So I meant to post this at 5 months, and 6 months, and now he's 7 months... but here is a time lapse of Spencer's short life. Finally.

A couple days old:

When we brought him home the girls said he was "tinsey winsey" so we started calling him Spencey Wensey.  Since Emily couldn't say "s" very well at the time she called him "Fensey" or "Wittle Fensey."

Love this face.
Awesome like his Daddy.
Spencer has definitely been our easiest baby.  He sleeps well, eats well,
rarely cries, and is overall a very calm, easy going little guy.

 A boy and his truck.

 (Side note: The girls have been totally thrilled with the addition of so many cars and trucks to our toys.  Lauren asked why we never had them before.)

 A couple weeks old:

 About 2 months old:

Lauren was singing to him while we all got ready for church. 
He adores Lauren and smiles for her all the time.

He was sad and Emily got him her favorite toy :)
 A Happy Boy:

 3 months old:
Everybody loves Kitty Violet.

This is my serious face

Sweet Boy.

Silly Boy.

 Five months:

6 months:

He handles all the craziness around here pretty well.


 In looking at Rachel's baby pictures I realized that they make the same faces.

 A great place to practice sitting up while Mom does the dishes.  
Who needs a Bumbo when you've got a water bath canner?

7 months old:


We love our Spencey Wensey.